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Wisma IAV - Groundbreaking Ceremony

A new landmark for Jalan Pasar
A New milestone for the AVEM Group of Companies

IMG_8520 IMG_8523 IMG_8537 IMG_8542 ajd_0000
IMG_8520 IMG_8523 IMG_8537 IMG_8542 ajd_0000
ajd_0000-1 ajd_0005 ajd_0006 ajd_0007 ajd_0012
ajd_0028 ajd_0042 ajd_0071 ajd_0077
ajd_0083 ajd_0117 ajd_0119 ajd_0137 ajd_0158
ajd_0178 ajd_0219 ajd_0221 ajd_0280 ajd_0338
ajd_0340 ajd_0347 ajd_0354 ajd_0371 ajd_0387
ajd_0390 ajd_0398 ajd_0400 ajd_0406 ajd_0425
ajd_0429 ajd_0432 ajd_0553 zajd_0581 zajd_0584

PostDate: 1/12/2011

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