IAV Builders Sdn Bhd is a young and dynamic Malaysian construction company which builds with an innovative difference.



  Vision & Mission
Our Vision

To be the World Class Integrated Builder by achieving the highest standards of work quality and service excellence.

IAV Builders are also committed not just the quality of our buildings, but also the quality of our work and processes. We comply with the industry ’ s standards of procedures and processes, thus ensuring that all our works are done to the highest standards and not leave anything to chance. It is through this commitment to quality and our experience and reputation, plus our constant application of the best technologies, that we are able to deliver results beyond the expectations of our clients via effective and efficient usage of resources, and within their specific constraints. With our dedication to quality, IAV Builders not only have CIDB G7 certification, but also operate in adherence to ISO9001 Quality Standards and OHSAS18001 Safety and Health Standards. We also have our environment in mind, where we work in accordance with ISO14001 Environmental Standards.


• We strive to enhance the Quality of Life for Society through our innovative integrated construction activities and services.

• We strive to provide value added construction solutions and services that satisfy the needs and expectations of customers.

• We strive to provide a secured, rewarding and happy work environment for our staffs.

• We strive to apply our works and services to create new values and ensure sustainable development.

• We strive to continually improve on our Quality Management system by complying to all requirements.




• To identify, assess and eliminate or mitigate all potential significant hazards and risks in the work place

• To execute immediate and appropriate response actions in the event of emergency

• To implement and enforce effective HSE awareness and practices into all project activities

• To provide a secured, safe, healthy, healthy, rewarding and happy work environment for all employees and workers



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